A Message from Ellen Barnett, MD at IMC

In addition to my family and patients at IMC, the current focus of my attention, and my current passion is the Imagine YOU . . . Project of the Integrative Medical Clinic Foundation (IMCF).

I have worked with many of my patients to help them create their Image of Health. Some of you have created your multicolored drawing on the little white boards during a visit.

I myself have mine – a stick picture of me rolling around on the floor with my grandchildren – as the wallpaper on my smart phone.

The Imagine YOU . . . Project has brought this activity to over 500 people in Sonoma County, mostly with young people, in homeless shelters, and various adult groups. Each time people leave with their Image of Health that represents, to them, WHY they want to be healthy in the first place.

If you would like more information about the Imagine YOU . . . Project, please contact me or Cynthia Calmenson the Executive Director of the IMC Foundation.


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