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Beverly Benoit, MFT

Beverly Benoit

Beverly applies Integrative Psychotherapy, a formative process to assist you in becoming whole by reclaiming, accepting and including all parts of yourself or your experience. Solid research confirms that emotional issues, stress and past traumas can all play a major role in your health, your symptoms, and in the process of getting better.

Integrative Psychotherapy can benefit

  • People Dealing with Traumatic Life Experience – Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain
  • Abuse, Grief & Loss
  • At-Risk Children & Families
  • Depression, Anxiety & Somatic Issues
  • Aging Challenges
  • Death & Dying issues

Beverly’s style is relational yet direct, gentle and emphatic. She uses compassion, humor and spiritual practices and foundation to assist you in the therapeutic process.

Integrative Psychotherapy is directly applied by having you stay with your experience as it unfolds, through feelings, bodily sensations, thoughts and images that arise in the moment. It is derived from the traditional wisdom of the East and the psychological knowledge of the West. It is the combination of the strongest, most effective, and compatible elements of each tradition for your physical health, emotional balance and spiritual well-being. Beverly works to honor your pace and timing. Her approach is depth oriented and includes practical problem solving and somatic applications.

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