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Emergencies & Prescriptions

True Medical Emergencies Should be Dealt with in an Emergency Room – Call 911 to get Emergency Care

For Acute Issues That Are Not True Emergencies:

Office Hours

During office hours M-F 9-5:30 call IMC at 707-284-9200 and let the receptionist know you need acute evaluation. We hold openings for same day appointments.

Nights & Weekends

Dr. Dozor and Dr. Barnett take urgent calls from their own patients.  There is not a call coverage system. If your own individual doctor is not available for some reason, no other doctor will be getting the message.

If you must acutely reach Dr. Dozor or Dr. Barnett  and the clinic is not open you can call their extension directly, and leave a message.

Be sure to leave your name and phone number at the beginning of your message, and please speak slowly and clearly.

  • Dr. Dozor: 707-284-9238
  • Dr. Barnett: 707-284-9206

You can page them by pushing # 3 # at the end of your message. They will be paged. They will listen to your message and call you back in a timely manner. If your phone is blocked to unlisted numbers, please unblock it when you page, as the doctors may not be able to unblock the number they are calling from.

Occasionally, Dr. Barnett or Dr. Dozor will not be available to call you back. 

If they are not able to answer your page in the time you need, you should go to an Emergency Room or urgent care if it is true medical emergency, or seek other source of emergency care.

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