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There are many causes of headaches. Most are not life threatening. If you ever have the ‘worst headache of your life’ you need to consult a physician immediately. Migraine headaches are different from tension/muscle headaches, both can be severe, and many people have both types.

Issues to Consider

  • The type of headache. Many patients have different headaches they can identify.
  • What could be causing the headaches?
  • How is your sleep pattern?
  • The history of the headaches- when did they  start, what makes them worse?
  • For women – what is the relation to your periods? 

Common Questions IMC Can Address

  • What types of alternative treatments can help headaches?
  • Does IMC prescribe medications for headaches? 
  • The IMC Balance of Health is Critical in Pain Management

Treatment Ideas

  • Keep a pain diary to see what might trigger headaches.
  •  Relaxation skill building can help release muscle tension.
  •  Massage and Myofascial release for muscle tightness.

TESTIMONIAL ~ "I know that I am in a 100% better place since coming to IMC. I’m not just given pills and sent away, but I have learned a lot about pain, and other ways to help live my life."

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