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Integrative Medical Clinic has been developing, implementing and growing integrative practices, programs and education endeavors in the health care field since the year 2000.

Integrative medicine is defined as taking the best of conventional western medicine with appropriate complementary and alternative modalities (CAM ) and integrating these approaches to meet individual health and wellness goals. Invariably this implies more than one practitioner and thus ideas, issues about teams and team development. As a core value of integrative medicine the individual’s health risks and goals are held at the center of the care plans developed.

IMC consultations are entirely individualized, center on client needs, resources, strengths and challenges, and interests. During a consultation, we describe our experience as it relates to your program goals and from our experience and knowledge of programs across the country, outline specific approaches and tools to support your success. As with developing a treatment plan for a patient, the heart of the process is listening to your needs and goals and working with you to achieve them.

IMC Uses Four Development Phases

  • Program Goal Setting – what are you trying to achieve?
  • Program Development – what specifically will you be doing to meet your goals?
  • Program Implementation – how will the program actually be started and adjusted?
  • Program Evaluation – ongoing and iterative – coming back to goal setting.

IMC has identified specific focus points within each phase. These are outlined in the initial client packet. The client reviews these, and completes a consultation questionnaire.

Based on this input, IMC develops customized client modules, corresponding often to the focus points. There is a $150 fee for this service. If the consultation proceeds, the client can choose to address as many modules as they see fit. Client modules outline the specific questions and goals of the client. Modules are designed to each take approximately 3-4 hours of initial consultation. Clients can then pick and choose which modules best suit their needs.

In Summary

  • IMC receives inquiry regarding consultation.
  • Initial consultation packet sent.
  • Focus points for each development phase.
  • Dates available for consultation and cost list.
  • Consultation questionnaire and agreement form.
  • Client reviews packet and returns consultation questionnaire – with $150 fee paid to IMC.
  • IMC reviews questionnaire and develops Customized Client Modules
  • IMC sends Customized Client Modules for consideration.
  • Finalization of consultation agreement, dates and place.
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