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Family Health

Families are the core of health. Choices families make about food, exercise, television, connection, support, stress, and change effect every member of the family. Most often the information we give about these issues to individuals in a family applies to every member of the family.

Issues to Consider

  • What food is in the cupboard?
  • How do we encourage and model an active life?
  • What are the environmental factors, physical and emotional that surround our family?
  • What do we do about those factors?
  • Family history… what is your risk?

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Common Questions IMC Can Address

  • Should we eat a vegetarian diet?
  • How do I know if my child is milk sensitive?
  • When should we start talking to our kids about sex?  NOW
  • How often do we each need to have a check-up?

Treatment Ideas

  • The primary couple (or individual head of  the family) needs time alone, away from the family.
  • Prevention is best done with a diet rich in veggies, whole grains, nuts, and fruits, and with healthy regular exercise.
  • Junk food is really junk – work to find substitutes.

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