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Men’s Health, Anti-Aging

Men's Health Anti-Aging

Developing a sound long-term health strategy can be a challenge for some men- it takes  time which is often in short supply.  But seeking information, making positive changes and being aware of your risks and strengths regarding your health can pay off with greater energy, increased longevity, less worry, and overall improved quality of life.

Above & Beyond Care membership can be a good option for men. As much as 85% of medical care can be done over the phone, from the convenience of home or office.

Issues to Consider

  • Men seek medical care much less often – how can we support you?
  • Do you have a “Preventive Maintenance Strategy” (e.g. your car, boat, plane)?
  • What is your BMI? and how fit are you?
  • Do you know your medical risks and how to reduce them?
  • Find out your family history of heart disease, aortic aneurysm, cholesterol, cancer.

Some Common Questions IMC Can Address

  • Should I get a PSA test?
  • What is my risk for a heart attack?
  • Can I start exercising and if so, where do I start?
  • Could I get a prescription for… ah…er…V—-?

Treatment Ideas

  • Check your weight and blood pressure
  • Basic or comprehensive health questionnaire
  • Stress survey
  • Nerve, muscle, and joint checkup
  • More tomatoes?

TESTIMONIAL ~ Dr. Dozor has improved my quality of life immensely. He is also very kind, caring and intuitive. Frankly, I have never had more confidence in any other Doctor.”

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