Red Meat Consumption is Still Bad

by Bob Dozor, MD

Information regarding the health hazards of red meat consumption continue to pour in! The culprit is likely the fat content – not only the amount of fat but also the type of fat – both of which contribute to the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. To make things worse – grilling meat leads to advanced glycation end products (AGEs) which also  contribute to all these problems.

Is Grass Fed Beef better? Maybe a little better, but it’s still not really good for us (range fed Beef has a better type of fat, but still lots of bad fat too).

So how do I get protein? Lower  fats cuts off meat and poultry or fish may be part of the answer. Some fish – such as Wild Salmon – actually have fats that may be good for us! Non-fat dairy products maybe much better. Better yet – vegetables are actually rich sources of protein. While it is true that the biological availability of vegetable protein is not as good as meat, veggies provide adequate protein all by themselves. Moreover, veggies provide all kinds of nutritional factors that are ANTI-cardiovascular disease and ANTI-cancer.

Try grilling a  marinated Portobello mushroom (or better yet a Porcini) with little cloves of garlic stuck into it. YUM! You may never want steak again!

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