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Specific Terms and Conditions documents are listed below and can be reviewed by clicking on the title. 

Integrative Medical Clinic is a Private Corporation, solely owned by Robert Dozor, MD.

All providers who see patients at IMC are individual businesses who use the space at IMC. Providers use the electronic medical record at IMC and unless patients specifically ask that records be held confidential, any provider can view a patients record.  The exception to this are any counseling records kept by a therapist. These are usually quite brief and are kept in a confidential section of the record with access limited to the provider and the Medical Director. 

Integrative Medical Clinic (IMC) follows the regulations outlined in the Heath Information Privacy Act (HIPPA). HIPPA states the patients have a right to the information in their health record.  The record itself is the property of IMC or the specific  provider you see at IMC. 

Records, Notes & Documents

HIPPA allows for pertinent medical information to be released to other medical providers or clinics that are seeing you, if that information is pertinent to your direct care.  Thus if you have an appointment to see another physician for example, we will routinely send pertinent notes, lab tests, xray reports etc to that physician before your visit. 

When you request records be sent FROM IMC, we must, by law get your specific written permission for each of providers you have seen at IMC.  A general release to "IMC” does not give permission to release other providers records of your care.

Specific policies and procedures used at IMC are outlined in other sections also.

IMC, Dr. Dozor specifically, and Dr. Barnett have no responsibility for the care or outcomes of the work of the other providers working at IMC. A patient’s relationship with them is directly and specifically up to the patient and the other provider. By suggesting that a patient see another provider, there is no obligation for the patient to see them. It is always the choice and the decision of the patient.

Several  providers at IMC have specific agreement documents that are reviewed at the first visit.

  • Drs. Dozor & Barnett: Availability and after hours call, Emergencies, Prescription Refills
  • Cynthia Calmenson – Feldenkrais®-based Dynamic Movement
  • Ray Wilbur, DC – Chiropractor
  • Moses Goldberg, ND – Naturopathic Doctor
  • Dana Michaels, ND – Naturopathic Doctor
Concierge Medicine
Concierge Medicine

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