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Sometimes… the intention to improve your health is not enough. You need to experience what it feels like to relax in your body. You need to meet yourself on a deep level:

  • The part of you that is in pain
  • The part of you that is resistant to change
  • The part of you that wants to heal
  • The part of you that wants to reach your highest potential

What is Ultimate Health™?

Ultimate Health™ is an intensive 2 to 4 day experience designed for you personally to inform, enlighten and prepare you to make the best choices for you and your health.

Who Should do Ultimate Health™?

  • Anyone with a chronic or acute illness
  • Anyone who wants to take their health to the next level
  • Anyone with a health situation that is complicated or without a clear diagnosis

Your Ultimate Health™ Experience

  • Preliminary Assessment (in person or via telephone).
  • You fill out an extensive questionnaire telling us everything about you (that you would like us to know).
  • Our navigator will present your completed questionnaire at a Patient Care Conference (PCC) and get initial suggestions for your program.
  • You (and a partner or family member, if you like) come in for an initial interview with our program Navigator (this can also be done over the phone if you live out of the area). Initial recommendations from our providers will be presented, questions will be answered and you and your navigator will come up with an initial strategy for your program.
  • You will then visit with one of our Board Certified Physicians  for a thorough review of your health history and current health challenges (this also can be done over the phone).
  • Lab tests (western medicine and functional medicine*) will be ordered and completed if needed. 

*Functional Medicine is a science-based healthcare approach that assesses and treats underlying causes of illness through individually tailored therapies to restore health and improve function. Functional laboratory testing can help you identify your present status of how well your body functions while it is stressed to develop a deeper understanding of your health conditions.


  • Ultimate Health™ – $5200-$6700 depending on your specific needs
  • Year long follow-up program (quarterly visits with our navigator and physician and 8 sessions with our health coach) – $1950
  • Accommodations, spa, transportation can be arranged but are not included in the above pricing.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life? YOU DESERVE IT!

Planning Your Program:

After you have met with our navigator and physician, our navigator will draw from feedback given by you, our physician and our team to create your personal experience.

If your program requires a provider or modality that we don’t have at IMCSR, we will call upon one or more of our many colleagues in the community to participate in your program.

You also have the option of combining your Ultimate Health™ program with a spa experience:

  • End your days with a trip to Osmosis Enzyme Baths and stay at a local bed and breakfast. We can make the arrangements and provide you with transportation upon request.
  • Stay at one of our local hotel/spa’s such as the Vintners Inn or the Hotel Healdsburg

Due to the intensive nature of this program, we recommend that whether you are from out of town or live locally, you choose a quiet, away from home location to spend your evenings. This will allow you to have time to integrate your experience of the day. We can help you arrange your hotel and transportation to and from IMC.

A Typical 4 Day Ultimate Health™ Program

Your schedule for the 4 days will be sent to you a week before the start of your program for your review. We will also create your menu for the week,  based on your nutritional needs by our personal chef.

You will arrive early morning on day 1 of your program. You will be greeted by your navigator and shown to your own room, which will be your private space during your program. You will be given your own journal to record your personal experiences over the next 4-days.

You will participate in a series of sessions with our providers. The  purpose of these sessions are for assessment. This means that each provider will be listening to you and evaluating your situation based on their own professional expertise.

You will receive a treatment from many of the providers . You will be exposed to several different modalities during your intensive. The purpose of this is to give you a sense of your options for healing. Some may resonate with you more than others. We believe that your personal connection to the provider and the therapy is an important factor in whether it will work for you.

The providers who do not offer “hands on” work (such as the physician, naturopath or nutritionist) will be interviewing you during their session.  Again, the goal of the sessions are for them to get a clear enough “picture” of you and your health issues to offer recommendation for treatment.   

As you move through the program, information on findings and recommendations for treatment will not be given on a session by session basis. As you will be seeing numerous providers, we ask that they hold their thoughts and impressions for our Patient Care Conference which happens on the third day of your intensive.   

The Patient Care Conference is a time when all the providers who have seen you can come together, share their findings, impressions and recommendations with each other and then come up with a consistent, clear plan of recommendations for short, medium and long term actions that your navigator will review with you. With that information, the two of you will come up with your treatment plan for the next year.

The last day of your intensive will be the time that everything will be tied together. You will:

  • Meet with your navigator for review and planning.
  • Meet with our therapist who will help you to integrate your emotional experience of the past 4 days.
  • Meet with our life coach with your partner and/or family member(s) to strategize how you will integrate your newly learned information into your everyday life. 

After Ultimate Health™

A few weeks after completion of your program, you will receive a full report of findings by the practitioners, as well as the plan you and your navigator came up with for the next year, including your short, medium and long term goals. It will also include any relevant articles or information that was presented during your program.


  • To help you integrate all you have learned into your life, we offer the following:
  • During the next year, you will have quarterly visits with your navigator and your physician. This can be done in person or via telephone if you live out of town.
  • You will also receive 8 half hour coaching sessions which you will arrange with your life coach to fit your needs. Coaching is all done via telephone.

TESTIMONIAL ~ “A Life Changing Experience”
– Call today to start on your path to Ultimate Health™: 707-284-9200

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