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Women’s Health, Bioidentical Hormones

Women's Health Bioidentical Hormones

The stages of a woman’s life have unique issues, particularly related to wellness and prevention. Paying attention to lifestyle choices, risk assessment and unique symptoms that women have is a major emphasis at IMC.

The major life stages for women are

  • Adolescence – the pre-teen and teen years
  • Pregnancy and child bearing
  • Perimenopause and menopause
  • Aging – specific issues for women

Issues to Consider

  • What are MY risk factors and what can I do?
  • What are the signs of heart disease and how are they different in women?
  • What can I do to reduce my risk of Breast and other cancers?
  • Heart disease is the number one killer of women – prevention and risk reduction is possible.

Above & Beyond Care Services can be a good option for some women. Saves time and helps you make healthy choices a part of your life.

Some Common Questions IMC Can Address

  • When should I get a Mammogram? 
  • Do you prescribe bio-identical hormone?
  • Do you test my hormone level? 

Treatment Ideas

  • The Basics:  healthy eating, exercise and stress management are the most important.
  • Building those healthy habits into your daily life is a major emphasis at IMC.
  • Build strong bones with enough calcium, magnesium and vitimin D starting early in your teens. 1000 IU of vitimin D is the new recommendation.
  • As a teenager, limit soda drinks and caffeine that take the calcium out of your bones.
  • For perimenopausal women, putting priority on your health can be very challenging, having spent several decades taking care of everyone else. Making that transition is a major emphasis at IMC.
  • As a mature woman there are different issues to face: How to stay healthy and active; what to do.
  • Now that the family is grown and I made it thru menopause; what are my risk factors for health problems?
  • Come in, lets talk. 

TESTIMONIAL ~ “I have never felt so cared for and so heard. My whole outlook has improved.”

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